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Load capacity Approx. 30 ton/uur Approx. 30 ton/uur
Weight Approx. 1 200 kg Approx. 1 200 kg
Reach 4,6 or 5,0m 4,3 or 4,6m
Width 2,55 m 2,55 m
Height transport posn. Approx. 2.5m over platform Approx. 2.5m over platform
Length behind platform in transport posn. 2,65m 1,20m
Working area 40 or 48m2 32 or 40m2
Largest stone size: bravel 18 mm 18 mm
Largest stone size: asphalt 25 mm 25 mm
Requirements for truck hydraulics Min. flow 60 liter/min Min. flow 60 liter/min
Requirements for truck hydraulics Min. pressure 200 bar Min. pressure 200 bar

Requirements for the truck

There are two requirements that the truck must comply with, to be suitable for installing a Sprider.

  • The truck must not be too low-built (at least 1.40 m to the truck bed) and the bed must not end further back than 0.50 m behind the tipping pivot, or there would be a risk that the Sprider touches the ground when the bed tips.
  • The truck’s hydraulic system must be able to provide the Sprider with pressurised oil with at least 200 bar pressure.

Radio control

The Sprider’s movements are precision controlled by a specially designed radio control unit.
The same radio control unit can be used to control the truck from the outside, if it is equipped with ReCoDrive.

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