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SpriderMaskiner are both manufacturers and distributors of a number of machines which make asphalt laying easier, more efficient and more ergonomic.

Our own product, the Sprider, can be combined with other equipment to form a solution which exactly meets your particular needs.

Sprider M-25

There are two models of the Sprider M-25, and they differ in the transport position of the arm. Also, the transport arm for each model is available in two different lengths.

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Complete Sprider-truck

SpriderMaskiner can offer complete trucks for Sprider operation or asphalt transport. We can deliver complete trucks, or build on a chassis supplied by the customer.

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ReCoDrive is a system for remote controlling the truck. It consists of a gearbox mounted on the gearbox propeller shaft, and a motor on the steering column for steering.

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CMT Swap beds

The CMT swap bed is designed to retain the heat in the asphalt for a long time and has a hook anchorage for the Sprider.

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The SuperSkub is a large, motorised wheelbarrow which can easily transport itself almost everywhere.

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