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ReCoDrive is a system for remote controlling the truck. It consists of a gearbox mounted on the gearbox propeller shaft, and a motor on the steering column for steering.

Sprider can easily be integrated with ReCoDrive out-of-cab control, since both are operated with the same radio control unit. It is a good idea to install the radio receiver on the truck, so that ReCoDrive can be used even if the Sprider is not used.

Efficient and ergonomic

ReCoDrive and Sprider work efficiently together, since the truck can be moved short distances without the driver being obliged to climb in and out of the cab each time. This improves the driver’s working environment and saves his hips and knees.


ReCoDrive is manufactured and installed by JPC Hydralik. (

SpriderMaskiner sell ReCoDrive and integrate the control of Sprider and ReCoDrive.