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Complete trucks for Sprider operation

SSpriderMaskiner can offer complete trucks for Sprider operation or asphalt transport. We can deliver complete trucks, or build on a chassis supplied by the customer. We work independently of chassis manufacturer or axle configuration.

The advantages of choosing a complete Sprider truck

The advantages of buying a complete truck from SpriderMaskiner are among other:

  • Simplicity: SpriderMaskiner delivers a complete truck that is ready to operate, giving you as a customer a single party to work with throughout the entire construction. The client does not have to deal with the headaches of coordination and transports between different parties involved in the addition.
  • Technical content: We offer one of the lightest bodywork additions on the market, which makes for a heavier payload. We integrate all hydraulics to the greatest extent possible to create a stable system with little loss and a simple installation.
  • Economy: Our bodywork additions are cost effective and are sold at a fixed price, without any additional charges afterwards.
  • Reliability: We guarantee a truck with bodywork where all subsystems are adapted and tested to work together.
  • Environment: The heavy payload and a well-suited hydraulic system make our trucks energy efficient and with smaller impact on the environment.


Truck construction

The truck is built with a lightweight, semi-circular, insulated body on a fixed tipper frame. All trucks are equipped with ReCoDrive out-of-cab operation. The truck is also equipped with a cover that is hydraulically operated, opening on one side and insulated with a fibre cloth tarpaulin.

Volvo FE used for the Sprider truck

SpriderMaskiner will gladly build complete trucks for Sprider operation on any chassis. However, our aim to optimise payloads has made us prefer the Volvo FE model.

This is because the Volvo FE model is the lightest chassis on the market for trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 26 tonnes while at the same time living up to tough requirements for quality, operational reliability and comfort. With the Sprider attached, the Volvo FE can load almost 15 tons, which meets or exceeds the payload of many four-axle trucks. At the same time, the three-axle Volvo FE is a significantly less expensive investment.

This smaller and lighter chassis also has benefits in the form of reduced operating and maintenance costs, improved performance and a smaller environmental impact.

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